The Evolution of Batman

Batman first hit the screens in 1939 and since then different incarnations of the super hero have been seen over the seven decades he has been in existence. People love Batman and it might be the diversity that keeps people wanting more and more of the Gotham city hero. 

However some of the characteristics of Batman have remained as they were since he was first introduced in the comics and also the screens. First he remains intellectual and has access to gadgets that he uses to fight villains. He is also driven to fight crime by the death of his parents.  Here are some of the forms that batman has taken over the years.

1939s – Batman was first introduced in the Detective comic 27. He was wearing a red bullet proof vest under his suit and he also had purple gloves. He had a belt on also with a round buckle. During this time he had very bat like ears and wings too. 

1940 – In Detective Comic 30 Batman’s suit has a lot of blue especially inside the wings. He has longer and pointed ears. The boots and the gloves are also longer and blue in color. 

1943 – 1950 – in Batman and Robin series he wears a completely dark suit. The head gear has a long snout at the nose and the ears are small and pointy positioned on the head rather than on the side of the mask as before. 

1952 – In the Batman Volume 1 no 72 Batman had a very weird costume more like that of Tarzan or George of the Jungle. He was called Jungle Batman in that series, which explains the costumes. In the 50s batman also became the rainbow Batman and Zebra batman where he was a menace. 

1960s – During this era Batman had a few changes. The most noticeable change is in the Caped Crusader where the suit is lighter in color and more comical than action like. A yellow oval is added around the bat on his suit to make it more outstanding. 

1970 – 90s – the changes are many during this era. There are instances where Batman does not have the cape just a full dark suit. The bat logo and the yellow circle around it also keep changing with the outfits. The color changes from dark to light. 

90s – Recently – the most recent changes have seen the Batman suit become more armored than before. It has a more definitive structure and the belt is completely different holding weapons and other tech used in fights and for escape. Some of the suits have the yellow log while others do not. The boots are modern and army like in some instances while in others they are simple.

There is also an evolution in weaponry. The weapons are designed and created at Bruce enterprises but they change over the years however all of them are high tech and futuristic. Remember the grapple gun? His voice also changes in different films especially where sarcasm is being portrayed.