The Early Days of Batman

Batman was introduced back in 1939 in Detective Comic series. He has a story that starts with tragedy but one that has been used for over 70 years to produce some best sellers in both comics and films. The foundation of the story does not change in any of the films of comics it remains just the same. The variety however is in the villains that Batman helps to get out of Gotham City. 

The History of Batman

The story starts with the Wayne family (Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne and young Bruce Wayne) walking home from a cinema outing. They take a dark alley where they are accosted by a mugger. The mugger takes their money and pearls and shoots Tomas Wayne and Martha Wayne dead leaving the young Bruce Wayne in tears. 

The mugger then disappears into the darkness. The police arrive later on to find the young Bruce Wayne in agony. After the parents are shot Bruce Wayne vows to avenge their death. This happens when Bruce Wayne is only seven years old. Bruce Wayne goes through his young age like other normal kids going to school as usual but he is a bitter kid. 

After the death of his parents, Gotham social services tries to take Bruce Wayne into their care but Alfred Pennyworth and Dr. Leslie Thompkins get into an agreement with them so that Bruce Wayne is not taken into their care. After that Alfred Pennyworth the butler starts taking care of Bruce Wayne. 

Alfred Pennyworth is very loyal to the Wayne family and becomes the legal guardian to Bruce Wayne. He does everything for Bruce Wayne, taking him to school, cooking for him, protecting him and later on teaching him how to fight. He is Bruce Wayne’s Aide de Camp all through. 

The Young Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne grows but keeps holding the anger inside him. At the age of 14 he starts his journey of learning everything he needs to know to become a good fighter and keep villains out of Gotham. That was his way of avenging his parent’s death. He learns martial arts and masters many different fighting styles. 

That is not all because Bruce Wayne is also an intellectual person. He studies criminology and Criminal psychology. He is also very good at forensics. Bruce Wayne is a real intellect. 

Batman Begins

Bruce Wayne later returned to Gotham. He started out by following thugs in the streets but people turned on him and beat him senselessly. As he sat in his living room thinking of what to do, a bat hit on his window inspiring him to become Batman. He turned the caves under his mansion into his headquarters. 

Bruce Wayne is still young and agile at this time in his twenties. Alfred pennyworth remains his confidant. He advices him and gives him the required strategies. He also nurses his injuries and takes care of him as required. In the caves they design the outfits and store an arsenal of weapons to fight the villains with.